In 1995 I lived in Hermosillo, Sonora. I worked in a Franchise named Mail Boxes Etc.  Near to my job lived my sister of the Message and friend, Angélica Riojas.  At that time I lived with her. One day after work, we heard that a campaign was going on in a charismatic church nearby. We decided to go visit the church.

The evangelist came from Cananea, Sonora.  He was preaching a tremendous message. His subject was about the great men of God of the twentieth century.  He mentioned Bro. Billy Graham, Amy Semple McPherson, Jimmy Swaggart, etc.  He said that all these powerful ministries had fallen into various scandalous circumstances.  At the end he mentioned this great man that had a gift of healing who preached around the world and had a gift of discernment.  He said that he has seen some videos.  He said at the end, “Oh, what a sad thing! This man also fell; he let the people worship him.  His name was WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM!”

My sister and I felt shivers through our spine.  We looked to each other in amazement.  Did we really hear what this man had said?  This was the first time I heard somebody in an organization mention Bro. Branham. After the service was over, I approached the evangelist and asked him for his card.  I felt in my heart that I had to call him and let him know that we believed Bro. Branham’s message and what he had just said was not true.

The following day at work, I was reading a message book from Bro. Oscar Galdona of Venezuela.  “Aclarando conceptos” (clarifying concepts) is a compilation of quotes of Bro. Branham explaining how some precious brothers had started to say that Bro. Branham was their savior and wanted to confess their sins to him. I telephoned the evangelist and started to explain to him that I was at the service listening to what he had said about Bro. Branham. I told him that he was mistaken. Bro. Branham never let those people worship him but, because of them, he wanted to leave the ministry and told them, “Brothers, don’t do that, I rather leave the field, stop that, because that would made me an antichrist. If you love me, call me brother.”  The evangelist noticed that I was upset. After he questioned me about the believers of the message and where they had services, the conversation ended.

I forgot the incident. Some some years later, I was attending a meeting in Ejido Cibuta, south of Nogales.  My sister, Angélica, was at that meeting also. After the morning service, a brother approached me and asked me if I had worked in a place where I used the telephone a lot.   I answered that I did. He then started to tell me about a vision he had. He told me he seen me talking on the phone and had heard all the conversation I had with the evangelist.   (I had never talked to anybody about that). The brother saw where the evangelist was from.  He told me he heard a voice telling him that the Holy Spirit was pleased that I had stood up to defend God’s Prophet.

I called sister Angélica and requested the brother to repeat what he had just told me since she was with me at that time. My sister started to cry and repeated, “How did he know?”

Brethren, I love our Bro. Branham with all my heart. I am identified with all that he preached, in all that he suffered, and also with all of his victories.  But I can only look forward to where he pointed me to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I have not been in touch with supernatural things.  God had a purpose for this confirmation in my life. Nevertheless it’s personal and has been a blessing to me, far from what words can explain.  I hope it will be, in some way, a blessing to you to see that God always watches over his servants.

God Bless you.

Love in Christ,
Susana Ashurst

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